Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Before Beckett

Before Beckett 

Whelp, it's been an embarrassing amount of time since I last tried to update my family blog, a rather pathetic try.  

That said, here we go!

I figured I would go back to my initial goal of documenting our life during my pregnancy with Beckett, his delivery, and then life after.  

My last blog was over how we lost Pops to his home with Jesus only a few months before we had baby B.  That time away with Matt's family was encouraging and a great reminder of the solid family Beckett would be born into.  That doesn't mean we are without issues.  What makes a difference is we have a solid ground we stand on, and continue to stand as we raise our families together.  

After the trip, it was full on baby #3 prep! 

My Grandpa Bob had a birthday bash to celebrate his 90th in Dallas that we went to.  Cullen had a birthday to be celebrated :) his 3rd!  Thanks Giving and Christmas were fast approaching. There was a lot going on in our family of 4, and the thought of our 3rd son was exciting as well as intimidating! 

Below are a few pictures of the last days in my pregnancy, and some of the celebrations we had prior to his birth.

  1. One of my favorite belly shots... a fashionable belly I must say!
  2. Love and life in a field thanks to Jennifer Wildey and her beautiful work
  3. Solo Shot taken at the shower that my most precious friends hosted in honor of Beckett
  4. A picture to remember our family of 4 before we became 5
  5. Matt and I at my Grandpa's 90th birthday celebration
  6. Thanks Giving 2012 
  7. The beauty that is pregnancy- again, Jennifer, beautiful memories captured!

  1. Cullen is one of a kind, this captures his precious personality in so many ways
  2. Bass Pro, and the must see Santa Clause at christmas time (thankful its free)!
  3. Happy Birthday Cullen James Srp!  You, and your donut face are perfect to us.  
It is crazy that as I write this, Beckett is upstairs napping, and he is almost 21 months old!  (that is almost 2 for the guys out there that hate when women talk in "months") 

We have lived sooooooo much life since then! God has brought us through the trying time of adjusting to life with 3.  Let me clarify... God has brought us through the adjustment of life with THREE BOYS!!!  We have decided to move forward with plans to build a new house, and move from the house we started our family in.  We've lost precious loved ones, but with those loses, we have welcomed new family members, and made new forever friends.  
Life continues on! Maybe one day I'll be up to date, and can blog on current family matters :)


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Celebration for Pops

Hello! This was at 30 weeks :)
I love pregnant women and their baby bumps... therefore I love that my belly is stretching that white shirt to its max.
I had nine weeks to go and made great use of a suitcase to rest my ever growing belly!

We arrived!! The drive to San Francisco from Sacramento gave us the much needed alone time to talk, laugh, and sit in SILENCE! 
It was wonderful and beautiful!  God is so creative and very giving in all the beauty he made for us.  
The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1
The heavens were definitely declaring the glory of God on our drive.  

Our hotel was in Union Square.  We walked down the block to Farallon, a restaurant we hadn't heard of but was busy, and enjoyed ourselves a delicious meal and great wine.  

Familiar was the route we went when it came to breakfast.  Too bad we weren't in the know on some great places to visit.  Oh well, I'll never ever turn down a Starbucks.  Even though they raised their prices AGAIN... ridiculous

San Francisco firemen... 
Matt and I couldn't help but miss our boys after seeing the firetruck below.  The boys would have loved it.  

Our walk to Fisherman's Wharf was refreshing, beautiful and entertaining.  
The "mature" woman swimming in the bay, dressed in her bikini and swim cap, blew our mind.  
The water was so so cold.  

The picture below is the view from a high school around the Wharf.  Lucky kids!

Gigi took care of Eli and Cullen while we were away.  They were in for more than they bargained for.  Both of the boys came down with a stomach bug and were taking turns vomiting.  
This is Eli at his field trip.  Close, but not too close to that huge longhorn.  

Our last walk around the city was to the Giants stadium, AT&T Park.  It was a long walk, our route was a bit confusing, but it was worth it.  

Grabbed breakfast at Starbucks 
Made a stop at the 3 story Gap
Did a little bit of wandering
Purchased the boys each a Giants shirt 
Then the Giants go and win the World Series!  Way to go 
I knew Matt and I were lucky together ;D

After our time in San Francisco we headed back to Sacramento to celebrate Pops!
We made our way through Napa Valley on our way.
It was beautiful!  Miles and Miles of vineyards... the grapes were ready to be harvested and made into wine!  mmmm

Oh Napa, CA... you are beautiful!  Matt and I had such a good time driving there from San Francisco.  

Take a look at that sandwich.  Flavorful, fresh and very satisfying.  

Our first night in Sacramento we spent with family at Matt's Aunt Kathy's sisters house.    
The next day we visited the Church his parents were married in and grabbed a coffee at an urban chic coffee shop down the way.  
It was special to see a part of Kim and Jim's history.  They had a photographer take pictures of them outside the church to document their 40th wedding anniversary!   
After the service we walked from the church to the gardens surrounding the capitol building to take a few family photos with everyone there.  
The roses in the garden were fragrant and stunning.

The next night we had pizza with the whole crew. 

Me at 30 weeks and Tracey at about 19 weeks... I am not 100%

  Chet's trunk was donated to the capitol to be on displayed there.  
He was a true artist.  The woodworking he did was all so beautiful and thought out.  

Chet's children and 2nd wife.  
Kim, Bob, Mavis, Lori and Mike.  
They put on a wonderful celebration for the life Chet Lummen lived.  
He was kind, funny, loving, and thoughtful.  My boys loved their Pops and enjoyed his stories, jokes, and the toys he made for them.  I'm so glad to have known him, for the role he played in Matt's life, and that Eli and Cullen were able to know him.  

One very important stop before we headed home. 

Pops, you are loved!
I will cherish the time Matt and I spent with you in your final days in this life.  Holy Holy Holy and Be Thou my Vision will hold a special place in my heart and remind me of the time I sat holding your hand singing to you before you passed.  You were a hoot and a blessing all bundled into one package.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stationery Card

Little Boy Birth Announcement
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beckett at 1 month

Beckett Winston at 1 Month


Cinni Minni

Over It! 

His One Month Stats: 
13lbs 22 inches 
Pro at Nursing 
Blue Eyes
Maybe making one or two "coo" sounds
Sleeps in the Cradle in our room
Favorite Things: his owl hat and mom

We are loving Beckett.  His is such an angel!  Three isn't as difficult as I was dreading dreaming it would be but let me tell you it is because I am BLESSED with such a great involved husband!  

Matt has been a rockstar dad at making sure the older two don't feel ignored, that they know they are loved and he makes sure they get out of the house!  

What I wasn't ready for: 
He is a spitter/has reflux.  It is messy and I feel sorry for the little dude.  I've mastered the technique of "Bicycling" his legs to help him get out the gas.  
Thank you Emily Rose for the Nap Nanny (upright sleep positioner)!  That thing is amazing... yes it's been recalled, but we are not going to use it inappropriately so I'm not giving it up.  My sister in laws both used it and swore it helped... it does! so glad for other mothers and their wisdom :-) 

He looks just like his big brothers but he doesn't.  Does that make sense?  Well if you know what E and C look like and then looked at Beckett you'd get it.  I think it is that he has a smaller head and rounded face.  The eyes and nose are identical tough!  

God is so good.  I can look back now and think of how I worried.  Doesn't God say don't be anxious about tomorrow... Duh!  He is in all of our tomorrows so what was the point!

I was concerned we wouldn't be able to handle the dynamic of three kids, that Beckett would be sick, I was even nervous that he wasn't going to have a nose!  I was a LOONEY TOON!  not have a nose, come on Laura ;-)  
with that said, God is good... he loves me and he loves my family and his blessings are new everyday!  This time has been so sweet, I have three sweet loving boys and they're going to love their mommy "queen of the household", as they call me, forever!  

XOXO, Laura

Monday, January 7, 2013

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

30 WEEKS!!

This feels like a big one, oh my goodness, 30 weeks... 10 more to go!  How could this already be?  
Am I really about to be a mom of 3 THREE boys?!  
Yes, I sure am, and Matt and I couldn't be more *sometimes less* ready for it!  

This week's photo is a legit belly shot... don't be afraid, it's beautiful and a miracle and LIFE!  

Hello belly button!  Is it possible you'll be able to stretch any more.  

How far along? 30 Weeks
Baby size:  Cucumber 
Total weight gain/ Loss {ya right}:  14... down 2 from stomach bug 
Maternity clothes? Loving them!
Stretch marks? No 
Sleep:  Needed 
Best moment this week:  Trip with Matthew to San Francisco and Sacramento to relax and celebrate the life his grandpa Chet lived.  
Missing Anything:  I miss the NON waddle walk
Movement:  Big Movements 
Gender:  BOY: Beckett Winston Srp
Food cravings:  Julios salsa with sweet potato tortilla chips 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Certain smells
Have you started to show yet?  To answer this question, please glance at the photo above ;-)  
Labor signs:  No- but experiencing Braxton Hicks 
Belly Button in or out?  Out/ In, stretched to max capacity.  I call it the donut.  I swear in any clothing I wear, it looks like a donut ring around my belly button
Wedding rings on or off?  On 
Mood?  I'm getting pretty excited! 
Looking forward to:  Sumos for Hannah's 19th birthday.  I will have a piece or two of a sushi roll.  Guilty! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Jaclyn: Welcome baby Caden!

Remember This?!  
This picture feels like it was taken a long time ago.  
Today Caden is out of her tummy and 1 1/2 months old and I'm sitting pretty at 31 weeks! 
 It's Crazy Crazy Crazy how time goes by! 

Here is her story from my point of view: 
I was working out on a Wednesday morning.  August 22, 2012 to be exact.  The class had just let out when I had a voicemail flash on my phone screen... It was from Jaclyn!  

You know what that means... it is BABY TIME!  Yes I'm shouting this to you in my text because I was so surprised!  
My best friend was in labor... How exciting.

My mind went into overdrive.  I had 2 crazy, loving looney tunes to pass off on either my mother in law or mother!  
My mom won that!  

She took the boys from me after I had a chance to clean up and then I was off to Austin to witness an absolute miracle! 

Have you ever seen a baby brought into this world through childbirth the way God created our bodies to do it if all goes as planned?  You need to if you haven't, it is UNBELIEVABLE!!! 

Jaclyn was in the hospital room when Matthew and I had our angel, Cullen.  Unfortunately she was in Bolivia when Eli was born, but fortunately she was where God wanted her to be.  

I was worried for her to watch the entire process of Cullen's arrival but she wouldn't have it another way.  She described it as amazing, unbelievable, a miracle etc, and I got it, but not really.  Not from her point of view.  Now I do and it was beautiful... almost indescribable!

Let me get back on track: 
I got up to Austin about 12:30, 1... I'm not really sure, but when I did she was just getting into intense contractions.  She was a champ!  A Division 1 volleyball player throughout college, back problems, spinal taps etc... This was just another one of those situations.  

I am most impressed that she got to 5.5 cm without any medication!  The pain became to intense and she finally made the great decision to get an epidural... smart woman.  There is NO shame in that.  
This picture group is of Jax being a rock star through contractions.  

We came back into the room after she had been given the epidural and the mood was completely different.  Happy, ready to have a baby! 

Foot massages, jolly ranchers, plenty of encouragement from her hubby Taylor, mom, mom in law, leah and me and lots of waiting.  We were all ready to meet Caden!  Especially mommy and daddy :-)

She was a beauty the entire process of labor.  It was so great to see her smiling especially when they made the great announcement of 10 CM!!!  I love her facial expression.  

It was now time to get things rolling.  I can tell you because I am already a mom, that the pushing process is exhausting.  It is just not fun, it takes everything out of you.  There is a verse: 1 Timothy 2:15
But women will be preserved through the bearing of children if they continue in faith and love and sanctity with self-restraint.  

Childbirth is an almost impossible feat.  It takes it all out of you.  You have nothing left when that baby comes out... empty... Then they hand you your baby and everything comes back in an entirely new light!  Life!  It's beautiful!  

Jaclyn pushed through and did an amazing job.  Below are a few pictures of Caden's first moments.  

Mommies are the stars in delivering, but dads are amazing as well.  Taylor was overjoyed by the arrival of Caden.  He was an encourager the entire way and Jaclyn's and his efforts paid off.  He was and is a beautiful BIG baby!  

Instantly a MOMMY!

Another thing I enjoyed watching was how Jaclyn took on the role of "mom" immediately... there was no transitional period at that moment,  simply mommy.  Her facial expressions show it all.  Concern, possibly a little uncertainty, amazement, joy, awe, happiness, LOVE!  

Way to go Jaclyn and Taylor.  You have a beautiful family and handsome little boy.  I am so excited to live out this journey with you!

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go.  Even when he is old he will not depart from it.  

You will be amazing parents!  Show yourselves grace, it's all worth it!