Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Before Beckett

Before Beckett 

Whelp, it's been an embarrassing amount of time since I last tried to update my family blog, a rather pathetic try.  

That said, here we go!

I figured I would go back to my initial goal of documenting our life during my pregnancy with Beckett, his delivery, and then life after.  

My last blog was over how we lost Pops to his home with Jesus only a few months before we had baby B.  That time away with Matt's family was encouraging and a great reminder of the solid family Beckett would be born into.  That doesn't mean we are without issues.  What makes a difference is we have a solid ground we stand on, and continue to stand as we raise our families together.  

After the trip, it was full on baby #3 prep! 

My Grandpa Bob had a birthday bash to celebrate his 90th in Dallas that we went to.  Cullen had a birthday to be celebrated :) his 3rd!  Thanks Giving and Christmas were fast approaching. There was a lot going on in our family of 4, and the thought of our 3rd son was exciting as well as intimidating! 

Below are a few pictures of the last days in my pregnancy, and some of the celebrations we had prior to his birth.

  1. One of my favorite belly shots... a fashionable belly I must say!
  2. Love and life in a field thanks to Jennifer Wildey and her beautiful work
  3. Solo Shot taken at the shower that my most precious friends hosted in honor of Beckett
  4. A picture to remember our family of 4 before we became 5
  5. Matt and I at my Grandpa's 90th birthday celebration
  6. Thanks Giving 2012 
  7. The beauty that is pregnancy- again, Jennifer, beautiful memories captured!

  1. Cullen is one of a kind, this captures his precious personality in so many ways
  2. Bass Pro, and the must see Santa Clause at christmas time (thankful its free)!
  3. Happy Birthday Cullen James Srp!  You, and your donut face are perfect to us.  
It is crazy that as I write this, Beckett is upstairs napping, and he is almost 21 months old!  (that is almost 2 for the guys out there that hate when women talk in "months") 

We have lived sooooooo much life since then! God has brought us through the trying time of adjusting to life with 3.  Let me clarify... God has brought us through the adjustment of life with THREE BOYS!!!  We have decided to move forward with plans to build a new house, and move from the house we started our family in.  We've lost precious loved ones, but with those loses, we have welcomed new family members, and made new forever friends.  
Life continues on! Maybe one day I'll be up to date, and can blog on current family matters :)


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